Growth Track

New here? Or, been around a while and want to know more? Check this out! Get some questions answered and learn more.

Growth Track discussions take place in a rotation on an (almost) monthly basis, each Sunday at 12:30. (Rm #101 in the gym) This gives you versatile planning. Do all four in one month, or spread it out to better fit your schedule. Lunch and childcare is provided. Just see the Connections Corner Notebook in the lobby for signing up. Walk-ins are welcome too.

101: LAKESNAZ - 1st week of each month Discovering the Mission and Core Values of TheLakesNaz...or, "Who is this faith community?"

201: ESSENTIALS - 2nd week of each month Developing the Essential Discipline of a Healthy Believer...or, "How can I build my faith?"

301: DISCOVERY - 3rd week of each month Discovering your Unique Personality and Spiritual Gifts...or, "Who am I? How does God see me?"

401: IN THE GAME - 4th week of each month Discovering Your Unique Place of Service in the Body of Christ...or, "How can I be connected?"

These talks will make some sense to being here, at home, at work, or just doing life. We hope you will join us for discussions in Growth Track.