Next Steps

At The Lakes we want to help you and your family become all that God has for you. We believe that happens by following Jesus and being a part of His Church. We want to help you know God's love, seen in Jesus, and we believe these are some "Next Steps" that are practical helps.

These are not necessarily the order that everyone takes on their Spiritual journey, but they are next steps we hope all take in their journey. We want to help people take their next step spiritually, whatever that step is! For each of us to play our role in God's story we must engage in these ways:

  • Choose to Follow Jesus

    Choosing to follow Jesus is the most important step in growing spiritually. As we follow Jesus more closely, we begin to be used by God as agents of change in the world.

  • Attend

    An important step in growing spiritually is choosing to be a part of a community of faith. We offer many different services to attend at various times throughout the week. From Sunday morning gatherings, to growth track, to midweek activities, there is something for everyone.

  • Choose a Life group

    The goal of this step is simple: live in community. The life of a follower of Christ is not a lonely life, and we should strive to be in close community with those in our church. We offer many different life groups as a simple way to do this. All of these groups are based out of people's homes and you'll find that the people in these groups are warm and inviting.

  • Join the mission/Serve

    Volunteering time is a great step in growing spiritually. We encourage everyone to volunteer inside and/or outside the church. There are many different ministries in the church to volunteer with, or we can point you to organizations outside the church to partner with.

  • Give Generously

    Generosity is a part of how we acknowledged a commitment to following Jesus. Not only does The Lakes encourage giving, but we also recognize it is hard to give if your finances are a mess. We try to offer various classes to help you and your finances. (Ex: Financial Peace University, one-on-one financial mentoring)

  • invite a friend

    We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and we want to invite others to join us on our spiritual journeys by inviting them to attend, join a group, and serve just as we strive to do.

  • Share your story

    Each of us has a unique story of who we were before we met Jesus, how we met Jesus, who we are now, and who we are trying to become!. We want to help people share their stories with others and invite others to share their life stories as well.