2019 Scripture Reading Plan

We want all people to know who Jesus is. That is hard to do if we have not been taught or read about who He is. Below is information that is helpful to read through the New Testament this year. The good news for anyone who may pick this up late is that the amount of reading is not that long! You can read along with all of us! 

Reading Plan and Tips!

Click on the link below for the reading plan

2019 New Testament Reading Plan


Helpful Tips:

  • Approach each day fresh and begin with a simple prayer. (ex. “Father, may the Holy Spirit help me to read your Scriptures in such way that I know you more.”)
  • Read the passage in a way that is open to God’s spirit and spend the day dwelling on some part of the text. (ex. If the day’s text was Colossians 3, you may pray v. 17 all day “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus”)
  • Try and find a space and time to daily read the scriptures (ex. your favorite chair, when you first wake up)
  • If a particular passage is tough to grasp or seems to contradict something else, remember to read the “small” in light of the “whole” of the New Testament, especially in light of what it reveals to us about Jesus. When in doubt go with the words of Jesus.
  • If you miss a day, don’t let that get you down. You can do this! Don’t let one day spiral you to many days missed. 
  • Feel free to reach out to others and have conversation. Remember the New Testament was written to be read aloud in the context of fellow followers of Jesus. We want to understand it with that in mind.
  • End your time with a simple prayer. (ex. “Father, may these words I have read help me to be more like your son, Jesus.”)
  • As you look at each week, leave open Sunday (if possible) to spend time on the passage that we studied together at church.

Going Deeper

  •      Reread a chapter multiple times in one day and even in one sitting. 
  •      Memorize the passages that clearly spell out how Jesus calls us to live.
  •      Keep a prayer journal with you to write in and in your quiet time, pray for others by name and situation.
  •      Find a partner to talk with daily/weekly about what you are reading
  •      Read a commentary for deeper understanding (below are a couple good ones that anyone can read)
  • The New Testament for Everyone- by NT Wright (there are several books)
  •   New Daily Bible Study- William Barclay