Life Groups

You will hear the name “Life Groups” around here often. They are simply any gathering of people for a multiple number of reasons, on a regular or semi-regular basis throughout the year for the purpose of loving and serving God and others.

Life Groups can provide:

•Bible Study – Others will strengthen and balance the Word of God in your life.

•Prayer – Your group will pray for you and you for them, with respect for privacy.

•Fellowship – Groups develop a sense of belonging.

•Support – A group gives backing during tough times.

•Outreach – Others may need to hear your story.

How do I find a group?

•Contact our Connections Ministry Partner Dennese DeYoung in the church office, where we can help find the right group for you. (Office #231-773-2812 or email Or, visit the Connections Corner in the lobby. Use the Notebook there under the tab, "Life Groups" for details and sign-ups.

•Check out the Sunday Morning Life Groups section of our website here for groups that meet on Sunday mornings.

•Attend Growth Track discussions after church on Sundays.

•Create your own group. See our Connections Ministry Partner to get started.