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Crossbridge church: better together

Have you ever felt God leading in a way that you did not expect or plan? In many ways that is what this idea of a church marriage (merger) is, something unexpected. Over the past year our church board and I have spent much time in prayer. We have sensed God’s leading and direction in some unexpected ways. That has led to the belief that God is leading us to join forces with another church. In that endeavor there will be some incredible opportunities and there will be some losses. Throughout the Bible we see God do incredible things when we are willing to step away from the known to the unknown.

Hopefully, you have read or will have read all of the documents that are available that talk about the potential church marriage and watched the video that is available online. If you have not, please do so. I want to share what this church merger (marriage) is and isn’t.

  •          This is not an indictment on the past. This is a way to leverage all the great legacy and heritage that has come before. This is a launching point from the great faithfulness that has come before. If it was not for that faithfulness, God could have never called us to where we believe he is calling us.
  •          This is not an indictment on our people. We are a community of people who have great stories of faithfulness and stepping out in moments of faith. This is an extension of that faith
  •          This is not a last ditch effort. There has been much prayer, much conversation, and much thought put into this.
  •          We are not wanting to leave anyone behind. Every effort will be made to make sure all who are currently a part of our church will continue to be. Every effort will also be made to reach those who are not currently a part of any church.
  •          This is about reaching more people. Every data point on people making decisions to follow Jesus shows the same thing, that new churches bring new people to Jesus. This is a way to launch a new church in a way that it is uniquely ready to hit the ground running at full speed.

These are not exhaustive bullet points. The list is much longer and much of it is available in the documents mentioned above. Please join with our church leadership and be in prayer for what we see God at work doing.

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